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We are looking for highly motivated students and scholars to work with our group on advanced biomedical informatics technology development and application. We especially seek for candidates with a background in informatics, computing, engineering, or a related quantitative field, a record of academic productivities, proficiency in programming (e.g., using R/Matlab/Python/C++), and a demonstrated interest in biomedical informatics.

If you want to join my group via email, please include one of the following keys in the subject line: [aimed-ms], [aimed-phd], [aimed-postdoc], or [aimed-visitor] as appropriate to your situation. Also, include your name in the subject line.

In your email, I suggest

  • describing your research interest (at least theory vs application), and

  • highlighting your skills and strength based on your attached resume (if you are a Ph.D. or M.S. applicant, additionally with transcript(s) with GPA(s).

I prefer to work with students who think logically and really try to find an advisor whose interests match theirs (rather than sending mass emails).

If you are a Ph.D. or M.S. applicant, then I will certainly consider you for financial aid decisions that are made in each semester. 


경기도 부천시 지봉로 43, 가톨릭대학교, 미카엘관 T505호




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