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Our Research

Our main research focus is to develop and apply advanced artificial intelligence approaches to biomedical and health data. Especially, we are currently focused on the study of the human brain (e.g., Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease) and other organs (e.g., Cardiovascular disease, Cancer).  We are working on the following research topics:  


01. Imaging genetics association

This project is supported by an NRF-Grants (2022 R1F1A1068529), entitled "알츠하이머 질환의 정량적 표현 형질 발굴을 위한 뇌 조직 특화 영상 유전체 연관성 분석 알고리즘 개발". 


The goal of this project is to develop novel bio-medical informatics methods for integrative analysis of imaging, genetics, and transcriptomic data to identify the association between imaging and genetics in the brain.

02. AI in medical image processing

This project is supported by an IITP-Grants (2021-0-02068), entitled "인공지능 혁신 허브 연구 개발".


The goal of the study is to develop novel artificial intelligence methods (e.g., 3D-CNN, Transformer) based on neuroimages (i.e., MRI, PET, CT) for multiple tasks, diagnosis, prognosis, prediction, segmentation, and identifying biomarkers.


03. Informatics algorithm for EHR

The goal of the study is to apply artificial intelligence methods (e.g., RNN, Transformer) for CV, and NLP on EHR data to help doctors' decisions. 

One of our interests is predicting the risk of cardiovascular disease and optimal treatment strategies using learning algorithms.   

04. AI frameworks for healthcare 

This project is supported by an MedRIC, entitled "암환자의 치료 부작용 평가, 방지 및 삶의 질 개선을 위한 웨어러블 기기 기반 생제치표를 이용한 인공지능 알고리즘 개발".


The goal of the project is to develop a platform and algorithm for evaluating the health conditions of cancer patients undergoing chemotherapy using the wearable device.

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